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'Untitled' (up and down and up), 2019


school chalk sculptures, crashed chalks, 10x10cm digital paints of chalk sculptures, scaffolding structure 


main structure hight: 14 meters, overall installation taking place: 6 floors of staircase

'Untitled' (up and down and up), 2019

scaffolding structure with chalk sculptures spiralling up in the centre of the staircase reaching the fourth floor. In the same order as the chalk structures, photographs of the sculptures are displayed on the wall from the fourth to the sixth floor. Equal quantities of crushed school chalk powder on plates are displayed on the stairs alongside the images. The sculptures takes the subject of art object through art history (from pre-historic to contemporary) to a hybrid uniformed look. By displaying the material root of the sculptures (school chalk powder) alongside photographs on top of the physical sculptures creates a reversible narrative. The use of school chalk and its site specific location; under the institution environment bring up the question of how we acknowledge, view and consume art.

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