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school chalk
The work is hand carved from a school chalk. It is a self portrait in ‘frame’. The detailed ‘frame’ contrasts with the ‘empty’ portrait. The portrait reveal as the detailed marks on the flattened chalk surface. The spontaneous marks maintains the emotions of the artist. Each unconscious turns and shacks during the carving becomes the most honest documentation of the artist’s deeper level of emotions and consciousness. When the artist holding the chalk and feeling the pressure in hands against the tool that connected to the chalk, the tool becomes the bridge connected the hands with the chalk while the thoughts and feelings turns into energy going through the chalk and back to the artist’s body. The chalk becomes a part of the artists body and the body becomes a part of the chalk. It creates the communication between the artist, the chalk and the artist’s inner-self. The ‘self-portrait’ is an abstract portrait of artist’s internal mind instead of the portrait of artist’s appearance.

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