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Title: 壹佰零捌(108)one hundred and eight

rotten home made chinese food, white plates, golden table cloth


One hundred and eight plates of rotten home made chinese food on a long table with golden cloth. The rotten food created a strong sense of unpleasant smell. After the process of making each plates of food, they started self evolving, developing and created their own ‘ecosystem’. Every plates growed into a self-developing sculpture. There are one hundred and eight annoyance in Buddhism and people chant sutras with one hundred and eight buddha beads to eliminate them. In Chinese culture the number one hundred and eight also means completeness. Emperor Kangxi invited both Manchu and Han people to his sixty-six birthday and hold a banquet. The banquet with one hundred and eight different cuisines serves as a peace maker between Manchu and Han then it became a tradition that passing onto the posterities.

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