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Koko Li (b.1996, Beijing, China) is a Beijing and London based artist who recently graduated BA Fine Arts from Goldsmiths, University of London, 2019. Exploring her own body image, mind and surroundings as her art material, the artist predominantly works with chalk sculpture, kinetic sculpture, installation and performance. Her art practice crosses between art history, cultural difference, queer love and the complexity of interpersonal relationship. In her work, the artist considers the history of each material as a key element in her work. The process of sculpting and gathering materials are essential of the artist when communicating with the materials. In turn, she pushes the limits of the material as well as her self. It is the artist’s conscious analysis as well as emotional catharsis. The artworks carries both rational decisions and irrational emotions. The mind leads the material and the material leads the mind.

Past Exhibitions


Goldsmiths University of London Degree Show-June 2019

Exhibited two artworks large installation ‘Untitled’(up and down and up), 2019 and collaborative performance series ‘Untitled’(balancing), 2019

Group exhibition ‘Expect Me Baby, One More Time’-March 2018

Goldsmiths University, Baths, Small Pool.

Exhibited two artworks sculpture ‘Percolation in Soil, 归’ and kinetic sculpture ‘Ang pag-ibig ko sa iyo’y lagi mong kasama, 当你老了’

Solo Exhibition ‘Fossils in Chalk’-May 2017

310 New Cross Road, London

exhibited 21 chalk sculptures.




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